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Made in America - 100% USA Owned & Operated
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Shopping Cart Store Builder - QuickCart.com™ is a Cloud Hosted shopping cart and e-commerce store builder that instantly adds shopping carts to any web site.
Use the shopping cart store builder software to build your shopping cart in about 10 minutes.

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QuickCart ™ shopping cart software is an easy to use e-commerce store builder that will instantly add a shopping cart to any web site.
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QuickCart is currently hosts to over 12,000 successful Internet merchants.
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To the Support Staff:

I have had 2 web sites before, but their tech support people was not much help with simple questions. I have searched several Web Sites available for hosting my LGH Merchandise business products.

I needed a secure site for my customers to pay for our products, my last web site did not have this feature. Then I found your Quick Cart site from Pay Pal, then signed up for more information.

You guys sent me an e-mail about what you have to offer, I called and talked to one of your support staff named Elliot.

Elliot helped me set up a sample Qick Cart check out,  and walked me through the process.

I was amazed how easy your system is, and very simple to upload items and post them. I worked with it over the weekend, then called on Monday to go live,
with my version of Quick Cart.

Your staff is the best!

I'm swithching my domain hosting over to your site next. You have all a person needs to set up a Web Site, you're number 1!

I know I can count on Quick Cart!

Thanks Again!

Larry G. Harmon, Owner
LGH Merchandise
e-mail: lghspecmerch@aol.com

  To the Support Staff,

I looked into about 10 carts.  The first thing I did when shopping was call customer support.

Because you answered the phone, I chose Online.   I was new to this and received immediate help from knowledgeable people every time I called.  No queues, no left messages, no email forms.  After lots of research, I can say that y'all have the best support on the market.

Thanks for everything.


Joe Boone
Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama

I currently use your shopping cart for another client.

Was having considerable problems with another shopping cart system and pursuaded LBOA officers to switch to your shopping cart services! Thank you for having a great, user-friendly product!


Heidi Langer


Lyman Boat Owners Association   
Client ID: 7107


Thanks Quickcart
- as you can tell, I'm no expert, but this is pretty easy! 


Best Regards,
The Lamp Shade

Customer Testimonials

" I was amazed. At QuickCart's ability to get my store setup and run in no time. I tried many other carts and found QuickCart to be the Quickest and Easiest by far.

I signed up for their Free Demo offer and called them and their tech people walked me through the set up step by step.

They answered all my questions, and even helped obtain a merchant account."

Thanks QuickCart!

Doreen Roberts
Gifts Galore

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Customer Testimonials

I have (or had) a shopping cart with GoDaddy.com, but I lost some sales because their shopping cart cannot handle international orders!

So I'm being forced to switch to a new service! I've been testing out your demo store and it's working GREAT so far! I LOVE IT!!! I'm almost ready to go live! Thanks for offering such a great shopping cart with so many options!

Many Thanks

Brian Graham

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Customer Testimonials

Who ever invented this QuickCart had to have done so with me in mind. This is a godsend and I am so happy I found you.  Kid you not when I started putting my products in the store it had me in tears because I am so happy. 


I can really see my dream coming to life now and I have you all to thank for that.  I am so excited about going live that I think my store will be ready before I get all my products, but I am just so thrilled.



Thanks so much,


Natalie Palmer
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Customer Testimonials

I want to thank QuickCart for all their support effortless help in getting the site I’m developing up and running.

I really want to thank your staff for all their brilliant help and terrific sense of humor AND PATIENCE!!!!!!!!

He handled all my problems like it was nothing. Kudos to him and to your Company.

Keep up the amazing work folks.

Now I know who to refer all my hosting solutions too when my fellow web designers need a host.

Maryann Caputo

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Customer Testimonials

I looked at quite a few web site builders and shopping carts, but you put them both together very nicely in a very user friendly way.

I showed the site to a new girl that just started at my full time place of employment and whose husband designs web sites as a second business. She was very impressed with your site.

My wife also like it, and she is not easy to please. Those two positive recommendations helped me to easily make the decision  to go with your company..

Robert Fredrick
Bob's Home Woodshop

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Customer Testimonials

Thank you QuickCart!
I must have looked at a hundred shopping carts out there and none had all the features I was looking for. YOU DO! ...and you guys offer it at an incredible price!
How do you do that?

Jim & Susan Vaughn

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Customer Testimonials

" I have worked on our site over the weekend. I think we can use your product out of the box. After getting into the setup, I am quite impressed with the ease and flexibility.

Thanks for your responsiveness. We look forward to doing business with your company. I am planning on having your company host the site which will be cirgon.com. "


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Customer Testimonials

" I needed help. I didn't know anything about E-Commerce, Html, programming or merchant accounts. QuickCart gave me the help and the tools I needed. Their tech support people are great. They walked me through setting up my store step by step and pacently answers all of my dumb questions."

Thanks QuickCart!

Robert Petersen
Jones Sportswear

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Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much I haven't been this happy in a long time.

I love using the your cart, it is 10 times better than the Miva.

I feel it has better "extras" at no extra cost.

Frank DeMasi

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Customer Testimonials

We picked your cart out of many potential choices and have been delighted with their service.

Not only is your software the most versatile and attractive in the business, but they have quickly adapted it to fit our needs. We highly recommend your cart to anyone who wishes to expand their e-commerce capabilities easily and quickly without spending a fortune.

Fred Hare
Vice President
Headdress Jewelry and Accessories
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