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How to Type the Degrees Symbol on Your Keyboard | Quick and Easy Guide


Are​ you tired of scouring ​your keyboard for the elusive degrees​ symbol⁣ every time you‌ need to express temperature or ‍angles? Look no further! In⁢ this article, we will explore the various methods for typing the degrees symbol on your keyboard with ease and efficiency. Say goodbye to the hassle of hunting for special characters and embrace the simplicity of accessing the degrees symbol at your fingertips. Let’s‌ dive into this guide and uncover the secrets to effortlessly‍ incorporating the ‌degrees‌ symbol into your written communication.

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How to access the degrees symbol ⁢on a keyboard

When it comes to typing up a document or working on a presentation, you may find yourself in need of the degrees symbol (°)‌ at some point. While it may not be as readily available as the letters​ and numbers on your keyboard, ‍there are a few⁢ simple ways to access the degrees symbol‍ without‌ having to search through a list of special⁣ characters. Here’s how​ you can⁢ easily type ⁣the degrees symbol using ‌your keyboard.

One of the easiest ways to ‌access the degrees ⁢symbol on a keyboard is​ by using the shortcut‌ keys. On a Windows PC, ⁢simply⁢ hold down the Alt‍ key and type 0176 using the number pad. For Mac ⁣users, the shortcut is to hold down ‌the Option key‍ and press‌ the​ Shift key, then⁤ the ⁣number 8. ⁢Another option is to utilize the character map tool on Windows or ⁤the Emoji & Symbols​ menu on Mac to find ⁤and insert⁤ the degrees symbol. Lastly, if you’re working‍ in a program like⁢ Microsoft Word or​ Google Docs, you can use the insert symbol feature to easily access the ‌degrees symbol from⁢ a list⁣ of special characters.

Different methods for‍ typing the degrees symbol on a keyboard

When it⁢ comes to ‍typing the degrees symbol (°) on a keyboard, there are several methods you can use. Whether you’re a student, a professional, or⁤ simply someone who​ loves using keyboard shortcuts, here are some .

Using​ keyboard shortcuts: One of the quickest and easiest ways​ to type‍ the degrees symbol is by using ⁣keyboard shortcuts. On Windows, you‌ can⁣ press Alt + 0176 from the numeric keypad ‌to insert the degrees symbol. On Mac, you can use ⁢ Option + Shift + 8 to ​type ‍the symbol. These shortcuts⁢ can save you time and make ‍typing the degrees‍ symbol a breeze.

Using keyboard shortcuts to insert the degrees symbol

Did you know that you can easily ⁣insert the degrees symbol (°) into your documents and ​emails by‍ using ⁢keyboard shortcuts? This handy trick can save you ⁤time and hassle, especially if you often need⁤ to include temperature⁣ or⁣ angle measurements in your writing. Here’s how ⁣to do⁢ it:

For Windows Users

If you’re using a ⁢Windows computer, you can use the⁣ following keyboard shortcut to insert the ‌degrees symbol: Press and hold the Alt key, then type 0176 on the numeric keypad.‍ Release the Alt key, and the degrees symbol should‌ appear. If‌ you don’t have a numeric⁣ keypad, you can also use⁢ the‍ on-screen keyboard to input the​ Alt code.

For Mac ⁤Users

Mac⁤ users can also easily insert ‌the degrees symbol using ⁢a keyboard shortcut. Simply press the Option key and the Shift key at the same time, then press the ​number ​8. The degrees symbol should ​then appear in your document. It’s a quick​ and⁣ easy way to add⁤ this essential ⁤symbol to ‍your writing without having to search through menus ‌or use the character map.

Special characters menu for‍ accessing the degrees symbol

When typing up documents or creating content, you may find yourself in need of including the degrees symbol (°). This symbol is ‌commonly used when discussing temperatures, angles, or coordinates. While it may⁢ seem elusive, there are several ways to access ‌the degrees symbol on your ‍keyboard without the need for copy ⁣and paste​ or⁤ special character menus.

Using a Windows computer:

If you’re using a⁢ Windows computer, you can access the degrees symbol by holding down the Alt key and typing 0176 on the numeric keypad.​ Another method ⁢is to open the special characters menu by ​pressing the Windows‍ key + period (.) or semicolon (;) and selecting the degrees symbol from the menu.

Using a Mac computer:

For Mac⁣ users,‌ the degrees symbol can be accessed by simply pressing Option + Shift + 8 on the keyboard. Alternatively, you can also open the special characters menu by pressing Control + Command + Space and searching for⁤ the degrees symbol.

Using a mobile device:

On mobile⁢ devices, such as smartphones and tablets, ⁣the‌ degrees symbol can be accessed by long-pressing the number zero ‌(0) key⁢ on the⁢ keyboard to reveal additional special characters,‍ including the degrees symbol.

Alt ⁤codes for typing the degrees symbol on a keyboard

When⁣ typing up ⁣documents or ⁤working on a project that requires precise‌ temperature measurements, knowing how to‌ input‌ the ​degrees symbol is crucial. The​ degrees symbol, denoted by ‌the small circle (°), is commonly ⁤used in mathematics,⁤ science, and weather ⁤reports. If ‍you’re wondering how to type ​this symbol on your keyboard, you’ll be pleased to know⁣ that it’s easily ​accessible using​ alt codes.

Alt codes for Windows: To type the degrees symbol on a Windows keyboard, simply hold down the Alt key and enter the‍ alt ‍code‍ 0176 on⁣ the ‌numeric keypad.⁤ Release the Alt key, and the degrees⁢ symbol ‌(°)⁣ should appear. This method works ⁤across various⁣ software applications⁣ and is incredibly handy for ⁢quick and easy access to this symbol.

Troubleshooting⁤ issues with typing the degrees symbol ⁢on a keyboard

Typing the degrees symbol⁤ (°) on a keyboard can sometimes be tricky, especially if you’re not familiar with the shortcut keys or if your keyboard doesn’t have a dedicated degrees symbol key. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you easily type the degrees symbol on your keyboard:

  1. Shortcut keys: ​ On Windows, you can type the degrees symbol ⁢by holding down the Alt key and typing 0176 ‌on the numeric keypad. ‍On ⁤Mac, you can simply press Option + Shift + 8 ⁣to input the degrees symbol.
  2. Use the Character Map: ‌ If you’re having trouble using the shortcut⁣ keys, you can use ​the Character Map tool on Windows or⁣ the Character⁢ Viewer on Mac ​to find and insert ‍the ⁢degrees symbol into your document.
  3. Language settings: Sometimes,​ the issue could be ⁣related to the language settings on ​your⁤ keyboard. Make sure that you have the correct language and keyboard layout selected to ensure that you can easily access special symbols like ⁤the ⁢degrees ⁣symbol.

By following ​these troubleshooting tips, you’ll be able to ​easily type the degrees symbol on your ⁣keyboard without any hassle. Whether ⁣you’re ⁣working on a document, ⁣spreadsheet, ​or simply need to input temperatures,⁤ these ‌tips will help⁢ you overcome any ⁣issues ⁢with typing the degrees ⁢symbol.


Q: How can I type the degrees symbol on ⁢my keyboard?
A: ‌You can type the degrees symbol (°) by ‍using the Alt code​ 0176⁢ on a Windows keyboard or ‍by⁢ using the option key + shift + 8 on a Mac keyboard.

Q: Is‌ there a shortcut to insert the ‍degrees symbol?
A: Yes, you can ‌use the keyboard shortcut Alt + 0176 on a Windows computer or⁣ option + ⁣shift ‍+ 8 on‌ a Mac to quickly insert the⁢ degrees symbol.

Q:‌ Can I find the degrees symbol in‌ the special characters menu?
A: ‌Yes, you ‍can find the degrees symbol ​in ⁢the special characters menu on both Windows and Mac computers. ‌Simply search for “degrees” in the ​menu and select the symbol to ⁢insert it‌ into your document.

Q: Is there a specific font I need ​to use‌ to display the degrees symbol?
A: No, the ⁣degrees symbol should display properly in most standard fonts. However, if you notice any issues, ‍you can try ⁣using a different font to ⁢see if that resolves the ‌problem.

Q:​ How ⁤can ‍I type the degrees symbol on a smartphone or⁣ tablet?
A: On a smartphone or tablet, you can usually find the degrees symbol by pressing and holding the zero key (0) on the⁣ keyboard until the options‍ for degrees, minutes, and seconds appear. Select the ⁤degrees symbol to insert it into your text.

Closing Remarks

In conclusion, the degree ​symbol is an ​important and commonly used symbol in various fields such as mathematics, science, and engineering.‍ While it may seem elusive⁢ to find on your ‍keyboard, there are a few ⁤simple methods ⁣to‌ easily input the degree symbol into your documents. By utilizing the keyboard shortcuts or special characters menu, you can save time and effort when writing‌ about temperature, angles, or any other measurement that requires the degree symbol. We hope this article has ‌provided you​ with the ​knowledge and tools to efficiently use ⁣the degree symbol ⁤in‍ your writing endeavors. Thank you for ‍reading and happy typing!

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