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Mastering Picture in Picture on iPhone: A Complete Guide


Picture ‍in Picture (PiP) is a feature available on iPhone that allows users to multitask while watching videos or making video calls. With the‍ release of iOS 14, PiP has become even more versatile and easy to use. In this ⁢comprehensive guide, we will walk⁤ you through the steps to master the Picture in Picture feature on your iPhone, so ‌you can make ⁣the⁢ most of this convenient tool ⁣for your daily tasks. Whether you are⁢ a seasoned iPhone ‍user or new to the ⁢PiP feature, this guide will provide you with all the information you ‍need to enhance your multitasking experience on ⁤your iPhone.

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Are you looking to enhance‍ your iPhone experience​ with‌ the Picture in ​Picture feature? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we ‍will walk you through everything you need ​to know about using Picture in Picture on your iPhone. From enabling the feature ​to adjusting its settings, we’ve got you covered.

Picture⁤ in Picture allows you ​to watch videos or video chat while using other apps on ⁢your iPhone. It’s a handy feature that can greatly improve your multitasking capabilities. Whether you’re a⁢ beginner or a seasoned iPhone user, mastering Picture ⁤in Picture will take ⁤your iPhone experience to the next ‍level. We’ll provide step-by-step instructions, tips, ⁣and tricks to ensure you make the⁤ most out of this feature. ‍With our guide, you’ll be a Picture⁣ in Picture pro in no time!

Understanding Picture in Picture on iPhone

Picture in Picture (PiP) is a feature ⁣that allows you to multitask while watching videos on ​your iPhone. It enables ‍you to shrink the ​video player to a small floating window, which⁣ you ⁤can move around and resize while using other ⁣apps. This is incredibly useful for scenarios such as video calls, watching tutorials, ‌or‌ following⁢ along with a recipe while cooking.

To enable ⁢PiP on your iPhone, simply start watching a ⁢video in a supported app, then swipe up to go to the home screen. The video will automatically ⁤shrink into⁣ a PiP window, allowing you to continue watching while using other apps. You can also resize the‌ PiP window by pinching to‌ zoom, or drag it to ⁢any corner of⁢ your screen.

PiP is compatible‍ with⁢ several popular apps such as YouTube, Netflix, and FaceTime. To check if ‍an app ⁣supports PiP, look for the PiP icon while watching a video. Keep in mind that some apps may require a subscription or ⁢premium account to access this feature. Overall, PiP is a great tool for increasing productivity and convenience on your iPhone.

How to Enable Picture in ⁣Picture on iPhone

To enable Picture in Picture on ​iPhone, you can follow these simple steps:

– First,‍ make sure⁢ that your iPhone is running‍ on iOS 14 or later, ⁢as Picture in Picture is not available on previous ‍versions.
– Next, open ​the app or⁢ website that⁢ supports Picture in Picture, such as Safari, Netflix, or ​Apple TV.
– Once the video is playing, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to ​go to the Home screen, or press the Home button if your iPhone has one.
– The video will then shrink and move⁢ to the corner of the screen, allowing you to continue using other apps while still watching the video.

If you⁢ want to customize the Picture in Picture experience on your iPhone, you⁢ can also:

– Resize the Picture in Picture window by pinching the ⁢video with two fingers. ⁢
– Move the Picture in Picture window to a different corner of the screen by​ dragging it with one ​finger.
– Swipe ​the Picture in Picture window off the screen to temporarily hide it, and swipe ⁢from the side of the screen to bring it back.

With these simple steps, you can ‍master Picture in Picture on your iPhone and enjoy‌ multitasking while watching your favorite​ videos.

Below⁤ is a table showing the list of iPhones compatible with ​Picture ⁢in Picture feature:

iPhone Model | iOS Version
iPhone 8 | ​iOS 14
iPhone X |⁢ iOS 14
iPhone XR | iOS 14
iPhone 11 | iOS 14
iPhone SE (2nd generation) | iOS 14

Making the Most of Picture ⁢in Picture Controls

Picture in Picture (PiP) controls ⁣on the iPhone allow you to multitask while watching videos or video calling with friends and family. ⁣With PiP, you can resize, move, and even hide the video ​player while continuing to use other‌ apps on your device.‍ To make the most of‌ PiP controls on your iPhone, follow these essential tips and tricks:

– **Enable⁣ PiP**: To use PiP controls, make sure‌ to enable​ it ​in your ‌settings.‍ Go to “Settings” ⁣> ​”General” > “Picture in Picture” and toggle‌ the switch to enable PiP ‌for supported apps.

– **Use PiP with FaceTime**:‌ During⁢ a FaceTime call, you can use PiP to continue your conversation ⁣while browsing⁤ other apps. Simply tap the PiP icon on⁢ the bottom right corner of the screen to enable PiP mode.

-⁣ **Resize and Move the PiP Window**: You can resize the PiP window by pinching and zooming or by double-tapping the PiP window to switch between regular and large size. You can also move the PiP window to different corners of the screen by dragging it to your desired location.

Maximizing Productivity ⁤with Picture in Picture

The Picture​ in Picture ‍feature‍ on iPhone allows you to multitask and⁣ maximize​ your productivity while using your device. With Picture in Picture, ⁣you can continue watching videos or video calls while⁣ using other apps at ⁣the same time. This feature is particularly useful for professionals who need to ⁤stay connected and productive throughout the day.

To use Picture in Picture on⁣ iPhone, follow these simple steps:
– ⁣Start playing a video in a supported app, such as YouTube or FaceTime.
– Swipe up ​from the bottom of the ​screen to go to the home screen or switch to another app.
– The video will shrink and move ⁣to the corner of the screen, allowing‍ you ⁣to continue watching⁢ while using other apps.

Mastering Picture in Picture‍ on iPhone can truly revolutionize the way you use your device. Whether you’re watching a tutorial while working on a project, or staying connected with​ colleagues through a video call while responding to ⁤emails, Picture in Picture can help​ you ​stay efficient and focused throughout⁤ your day. ‍Try using ⁤this feature ‍to see how it ‌can ‍enhance your⁤ productivity on iPhone.

Customizing Picture in Picture‌ Preferences

To customize ⁣the Picture in Picture preferences on your iPhone, follow these simple steps:

– Open the Settings app ‍on your iPhone
– ‍Scroll down and tap on⁣ “General”
-‍ Tap on “Picture in Picture”
-​ Here, you can customize various preferences such as allowing Picture in Picture, enabling⁣ Start PiP⁣ automatically,⁢ and more

By ⁢customizing these preferences, you can enhance your Picture in Picture experience and make it work exactly the⁢ way you want.

Below is a table‍ summarizing the different Picture in ⁤Picture preferences that you can customize on your iPhone:

| Preference ​ | Description ⁤ ⁣ ⁤ ​ ⁣ |
| Allow Picture in Picture| Enable‌ or disable PiP ⁣feature ⁣ |
| Start PiP automatically | Automatically start PiP when exiting a video |
| PiP window size ⁣ ⁣ ⁤ | Choose default size‍ for PiP window |
| PiP position | Select default position for PiP window ‍ |

Troubleshooting Picture in Picture on iPhone

To troubleshoot Picture in Picture on your‍ iPhone, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that it is functioning properly. First, make sure that‍ the app you are using supports Picture in Picture mode. Not all apps have ⁤this feature, so double-check to see if ⁤the‍ app you are using is compatible.

Next, check to see if Picture in ‍Picture ‍is enabled​ in your settings. Go to Settings > General > Picture in Picture and ⁤ensure that the toggle switch is turned on. If it is already on, try toggling it off and then back on again to ‌reset the feature.

If Picture in Picture is still‍ not working, try restarting your‌ iPhone. Sometimes a simple reboot can solve minor software glitches. If ‌the issue persists, ​you may need to update​ your iPhone ‌to the‌ latest version of iOS. New updates often include bug fixes and improvements ⁤to ⁣existing features, so keeping‌ your device up to date is important for optimal performance.


Q: What‌ is Picture⁢ in Picture on iPhone?
A: Picture in Picture (PiP) on iPhone is a feature that allows you to continue watching a⁣ video ​or FaceTime call in a small, resizable window while using other apps or navigating your device.

Q: How can I enable and use Picture in Picture on my iPhone?
A: To enable Picture in Picture on your⁤ iPhone, start playing a video in a supported app, then simply swipe up to‌ go to​ the home screen or switch to another app.⁤ The video will automatically minimize into a small window that you can move around ⁢and resize.

Q: Which⁣ iPhone models support Picture in Picture?
A: Picture in Picture is supported on iPhone‌ models with iOS 14 and later, including⁤ iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XR, XS, XS Max, ⁢11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max,⁢ 12,‍ 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max.

Q: Can I ‍use Picture in Picture with any app?
A: Picture ​in Picture is supported‍ by many video apps such as YouTube, Netflix, and Apple’s own⁣ TV app. However, not all​ apps support‌ Picture in Picture, so you may not be able to use it with ‍every video or FaceTime call.

Q: How do I resize and move the Picture in Picture window?
A: To resize the Picture in Picture window, simply⁢ pinch in or out with two fingers on the video window. To move it, drag the window to the desired location on your screen.

Q: Can I dismiss the Picture in Picture window while watching a video?
A: Yes, you can dismiss the Picture ​in Picture window by swiping it to⁢ the ⁤edge of the screen. Tapping on ⁤the close ⁤button will also dismiss it.

Q: Is there a way to ⁤customize the Picture ‌in Picture settings‍ on my iPhone?
A: You⁢ can customize Picture in Picture settings by going to Settings ​> General > Picture ⁤in Picture. From there, you can⁤ enable or disable ⁢the feature, ‍as well as adjust options⁣ such ‌as starting PiP automatically and allowing ​video to play when PiP is dismissed.

Q: Are there any limitations to ⁣using Picture in Picture on iPhone?
A: ⁢While Picture in Picture is a convenient feature, it does have ⁤some⁤ limitations. For example, it may not work with⁣ all video apps and it may not be available for all videos within supported​ apps. Additionally, some websites may not support PiP ⁤for‍ videos played in Safari.

Key Takeaways

In‌ conclusion, mastering Picture in Picture on your iPhone can greatly enhance your multitasking ⁣capabilities and improve your overall user experience. By following the⁣ steps outlined in this guide, you ⁢can easily take advantage⁢ of this feature‍ to watch videos while using other apps or even make video calls while browsing the web. Remember to keep⁤ your iOS updated to ‍ensure that you‍ have ⁣access⁤ to the latest Picture in Picture functionality. With a little practice, you’ll soon be ⁤able⁤ to seamlessly integrate Picture in Picture into your daily iPhone usage. Thank you for reading and we hope this guide has been helpful in mastering Picture in Picture on your iPhone.

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