If ‌you’re a proud owner of the new PS5 ​Digital⁣ Edition but still ⁤have a collection ⁣of ‍PS4 disc games, don’t worry! You​ can still⁤ enjoy ‌playing ⁤all your favorite‍ PS4 titles on​ your new console. Follow⁢ these ​simple steps‍ to transfer your PS4 ⁣disc game data⁣ to your PS5 ‍Digital Edition and start gaming without any hassle.

Step 1:⁣ Check Compatibility

Before transferring your PS4‌ game data ⁤to your PS5 Digital Edition, you’ll⁢ need to make sure that‌ the ​game is compatible with the new console. Not all PS4 games are compatible with ‍the ⁤PS5 Digital Edition, so⁤ it’s essential to check the list of compatible games provided⁤ by PlayStation.

Step 2: ⁢Transfer⁢ Game Data

Once you’ve confirmed⁢ the compatibility of your PS4 disc game with the ​PS5 Digital Edition, it’s ⁢time to transfer the‍ game data. ​You can do ‍this by using either a LAN cable or a Wi-Fi connection to‍ transfer the ⁤game data from your PS4 to ⁤your⁢ PS5. Simply follow the ​on-screen instructions and wait for the transfer process to complete.