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Unbiased Xbox Series S Review: Is It Worth the Hype


With the next generation ‌of gaming‌ consoles ‌upon us, the Xbox Series‌ S ⁤has taken the spotlight as a ⁤more ‍affordable ⁢alternative to its‍ higher-spec⁢ counterpart,⁣ the Series X. But ⁢the ‌question⁤ remains: is the‌ Xbox Series ⁣S truly worth the hype? In this unbiased review, we will⁤ take a deep dive​ into the features, performance,⁣ and‍ overall value of ‍the Series ‍S to find out if it​ lives ‍up to the‌ anticipation. Whether​ you’re ‌a⁤ hardcore gamer or a casual player, join us as we explore whether the Xbox Series S is a worthy investment in the world of gaming.

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Design and Size: A Closer Look ⁤at the⁣ Compact Console

The Xbox Series S is the latest addition ‌to⁢ the Xbox lineup, and it’s making​ waves ‍for ​its compact ⁤design and impressive​ performance. Let’s take a closer look⁢ at the design and size of ‍the console to see if it lives⁢ up to the ⁤hype.


The Xbox ⁢Series S boasts a sleek, minimalist design that sets it apart​ from its predecessors. With a matte white ‍finish and ​a⁣ small⁤ footprint, it’s ​perfect⁢ for gamers who want a console‍ that looks ​great in any entertainment⁤ setup. The‍ console⁤ also ⁤features‍ a ‍large ​cooling vent on ⁤the top, which⁣ not only adds to its ⁤modern aesthetic⁤ but also helps keep it ⁣running ⁣smoothly ​during intense gaming sessions.


Measuring just⁢ 10.8 x 5.9 x 2.5 inches, the Xbox Series S is significantly smaller than the Xbox ⁣Series X. ⁤This compact size makes it ideal for‌ gamers with limited space or those who ​want a portable gaming option. Despite its small​ stature, the console still ⁢manages to ⁤pack ‌a⁣ punch in terms of‌ performance, ​making it a compelling choice for ⁢both casual and‍ serious gamers.

Performance and Graphics: Evaluating the ⁣Power of the‍ Xbox Series⁣ S

When it comes ‍to evaluating the power of the Xbox Series S, it’s important⁣ to take into consideration its performance and ⁣graphics ​capabilities. The Series S is designed to​ deliver high-quality⁢ gaming​ experiences, and ⁢it does not disappoint. Here’s a look at what​ makes the Xbox Series ⁣S ​stand out in⁢ terms of performance and ⁤graphics:

  • The Xbox Series S is equipped with a custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU, which allows for smooth and⁢ fast gameplay, even at‌ lower resolutions.
  • With⁤ its 512GB ⁢NVMe ​SSD, the Series S offers ⁣lightning-fast ​load times and seamless game transitions.
  • The ⁤console supports ⁤ray ⁣tracing, allowing for realistic lighting, reflections, and ⁣shadows in compatible⁢ games.

Overall, the Xbox Series⁤ S delivers impressive performance⁣ and graphics, making⁣ it a worthy addition to any gamer’s ⁤collection. Whether you’re a ⁢casual‍ player or a hardcore enthusiast,‍ the Series⁣ S has the power to elevate your gaming experience to new‌ heights.

Gaming Library and Compatibility:⁣ Exploring the Range of Available Titles

When it comes‍ to Xbox Series S gaming library and compatibility, ⁤the⁢ range⁤ of available titles is quite impressive. From popular AAA titles to‍ indie gems, there’s something ‌for every type of gamer. The Xbox Series S is also backwards compatible with thousands​ of ⁤Xbox⁤ One, ⁣Xbox 360, and original Xbox ⁢games, making it a versatile gaming console for those who‍ want to revisit old favorites.

With⁢ a subscription to Xbox⁢ Game Pass, players have access to‌ a ⁤vast library ⁤of games that includes new releases, classic titles, and indie hits. The extensive gaming library and compatibility make the​ Xbox Series S a great choice for gamers who want ⁢variety and ​value in their gaming ⁣experience.

Value for Money: Considering ⁤the Price and Features of​ the Xbox Series S

When it ⁤comes to determining the value for money⁤ of the Xbox Series S, ⁣price and features are key factors to consider. Priced lower than its counterpart, the⁣ Xbox Series X, the Series S ‌offers a⁣ more ⁤affordable​ entry point ⁣into the next-gen gaming experience. Despite its ‌lower ⁤price⁤ point, the Xbox Series S⁣ still ‌boasts impressive features​ that make⁢ it a worthy contender in the gaming console⁢ market.

Firstly, let’s⁤ talk about ⁣the price.⁤ The Xbox Series S comes in at ‌a​ significantly lower price than its rival ‌consoles,⁤ making it​ a more budget-friendly option for gamers. For those who are looking to experience next-gen gaming‍ without ⁣breaking ‍the bank, the Series S presents a compelling ⁢offer.

On the other hand, its features‌ are equally impressive. With its high-speed SSD, ⁣ray ⁣tracing capabilities, and support for 120fps gaming, the Xbox Series S⁢ delivers a‌ powerful gaming experience that ⁤rivals‍ its more expensive ‌counterparts. Additionally, its Game Pass ‍subscription service offers a vast library of⁢ games ⁤at a great value, adding to the ‍overall⁣ appeal of ​the​ console.

Price Lower than Xbox Series X
Features High-speed SSD, ⁤ray tracing, 120fps gaming support
Value Great value with ⁣Game Pass subscription


Q: What‍ is the‌ Xbox Series S?
A: The Xbox Series S is a ⁣next-generation gaming console ⁢released by Microsoft in 2020 as a more affordable alternative to the Xbox Series X.

Q:⁤ What⁣ makes the Xbox Series S stand out from other⁣ gaming consoles?
A: The Xbox​ Series S⁤ boasts impressive hardware capabilities, including support for⁣ high-definition gaming and a​ variety of popular ⁤streaming services.

Q: ‍Is the Xbox ‍Series S‍ worth‍ the hype?
A: Our unbiased review will cover⁢ the pros and cons ​of the⁤ Xbox Series‍ S to help you determine if it lives up to the hype.

Q: What are some ⁤of the key features of the Xbox ⁢Series​ S?
A: The Xbox Series S offers fast load times, ⁢quick resume functionality, and the⁤ ability to play games at up to 120‍ frames​ per ‌second.

Q: Is the Xbox‍ Series S a‍ good option⁢ for casual gamers?
A:⁢ The Xbox ‌Series S is ⁤a great ‍option for casual gamers ⁤who want high-quality gaming ⁣experiences without breaking the ⁢bank.

Q: How does the Xbox Series S compare to ‍the ​Xbox Series‍ X?
A: Our review ​will provide a side-by-side comparison ‌of the Xbox Series S ⁢and the Xbox Series X to help you determine which console is ‍the best‌ fit for ‌your gaming needs.

Q: What are the‌ potential drawbacks of the Xbox Series S?
A:⁣ While the Xbox ‍Series⁤ S offers impressive performance for its price, it does have ‍limitations in terms of storage ​capacity ‌and 4K gaming capabilities.

Q: Overall,⁤ should gamers consider purchasing the Xbox Series S?
A: Our​ review ‍will give a comprehensive analysis of the Xbox ‌Series S to help you decide if it’s worth the investment for ⁤your gaming setup. ​

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In conclusion, the Xbox⁢ Series S presents‌ a compelling option for​ gamers looking for a budget-friendly next-gen console. Its sleek design and impressive performance make⁢ it a⁢ worthy ⁢addition to the Xbox family. While it may not have all the bells​ and ‍whistles of its more expensive counterpart, ‌the⁢ Series⁣ X, the ⁢Series S still delivers a solid gaming‌ experience‍ at an affordable price. Whether it’s worth the hype ultimately depends on ​your gaming preferences and budget,​ but ​it’s safe to‌ say⁢ that the Series ​S‌ is a promising entry into the next ⁤generation of gaming. As ​always,⁤ the decision is ultimately yours to make.

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