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Where to Watch Law and Order: Complete Guide


Law and Order is a long-running, iconic television ‍series that⁣ has captured the⁤ hearts of audiences​ around the ⁤world. With ‌its compelling storylines and memorable characters, ⁣it’s no ​wonder that ‌fans ⁣are eager ⁤to find⁢ out where they can watch the complete series.⁤ Whether you’re ‍a long-time fan looking to revisit your favorite episodes or a newcomer eager to dive into the world ‌of Law and⁤ Order, this guide⁣ will ⁤provide you with all the ⁤information you⁣ need‍ to ⁣stream or purchase the complete⁤ series. From streaming⁤ services to DVD collections, we’ve got you‌ covered on​ where ⁤to⁢ watch Law and Order.

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Popularity of Law‍ and Order:​ Where to Find the Classic Series

Law and Order​ is a classic television series that has ‍enraptured audiences ⁢for decades with its gripping ‍crime stories and compelling courtroom drama. For ‍those ⁢looking to indulge in the timeless ‍appeal of this ⁢iconic ⁤show, there ⁤are several options available for streaming and viewing.

Where to Watch Law and Order:

  • Streaming‌ Services: Many streaming‍ platforms offer Law ⁤and Order for ⁢on-demand viewing, including⁣ Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and NBC’s own streaming service, Peacock.
  • Network‍ TV: Some episodes of Law and Order may still be airing ‌on television, so check local listings for channels that carry the show.
  • DVD and Blu-ray: For those who ‍prefer physical copies,‌ the complete series of Law and⁤ Order is available for purchase ‍on DVD and Blu-ray.

In addition to ​these options, fans of Law and Order‍ can⁣ also keep an eye out for marathons and special events that​ may showcase ⁢the‌ series⁤ on ​various‍ television networks. Whether reliving ‌classic episodes or discovering⁤ the show‌ for the first time, the popularity of Law and Order​ ensures that​ it remains ⁤accessible to viewers through a variety of platforms.

Streaming Services: The Top Platforms to Watch Law‍ and Order

Law and Order ‌is a⁤ long-standing and beloved‍ crime drama series that​ has captured‌ the⁤ hearts of ‌many ⁣viewers. If you’re wondering where you can‌ watch Law and⁢ Order, we’ve got you ‌covered with the top streaming services that offer this iconic ⁣show. Here are the platforms where you can stream​ Law and Order:

  • Hulu: Hulu is a ​popular streaming service that​ offers a wide range of TV shows, including Law and Order. With a subscription to Hulu, ⁣you⁣ can stream ​all ⁣seasons of Law and Order and catch ⁣up on ⁤the gripping ⁤investigations and courtroom drama.
  • Peacock: Another great option for streaming Law and Order ⁤is Peacock, NBC’s own​ streaming‌ service. You can access a variety of Law and​ Order series on Peacock, including SVU and Criminal Intent, as well as ​exclusive content ‍related‍ to ⁣the franchise.
  • Amazon‌ Prime Video: Amazon Prime Video also has Law and‌ Order available⁢ for streaming. With ‌an ​Amazon Prime subscription, you can watch ⁤the show at your convenience and dive ​into the thrilling crime stories.

In ​addition to⁢ these ⁣platforms,‌ some⁢ episodes of Law and ‍Order may also be available for‍ purchase or rental on digital ​storefronts⁣ such as⁤ iTunes, Google Play, and ‍Vudu. Whether you’re‍ a long-time fan of the series or a newcomer looking to discover the world of Law and Order, these ​streaming‌ services offer convenient and accessible ways to ⁣watch⁢ the show.

If you’re eager‍ to ⁤immerse yourself in the‍ compelling ⁣cases‌ and characters of⁢ Law and Order, these top streaming platforms provide the perfect opportunity to ⁤do so. Whether you‍ prefer the convenience of Hulu, the‌ exclusive ⁣content ‍on Peacock, or the flexibility of Amazon ⁣Prime Video, you can easily ‌catch up ⁣on all the drama and suspense of‌ this⁤ iconic⁣ crime series. With ⁣a variety of options⁢ available, you can start streaming Law and⁣ Order and experience ‌the gripping storytelling for yourself.

Cable and Satellite: Options for Watching ⁣Law ⁤and‌ Order

Are you a fan of the ‍hit TV show⁤ Law and Order but not sure where ⁣you can watch ⁣it? Look ‍no​ further!‌ With the rise of cable and satellite options, there are now more‌ ways than ever to​ catch your favorite episodes of Law⁤ and Order. Whether⁢ you prefer the convenience of streaming or ‍the reliability‍ of ⁤traditional cable,⁣ there’s ⁢a viewing option out there for you.

If you’re ‍a cable subscriber, chances ⁣are that you already have ⁣access to Law⁤ and Order through popular networks like NBC ⁣or USA. ‌Simply​ check your local listings ‍to find out when it airs in your​ area.⁢ Alternatively, many cable providers also offer on-demand services, allowing⁣ you to ​watch episodes ⁣at your convenience. On the other hand, satellite⁣ TV providers like DirecTV and Dish ⁤Network also offer ⁤the show as⁢ part of their programming packages. With the ability​ to record and store episodes, satellite TV is a great option‍ for fans who want⁣ to catch up on‌ episodes at their leisure.

For⁣ those who prefer ⁣the ​freedom and flexibility ‌of streaming, ‌there are a variety⁢ of options available. Platforms like Hulu, ‌Amazon ⁢Prime Video, and⁢ Peacock all offer extensive libraries ⁤of Law and⁤ Order episodes‌ for‌ subscribers. Additionally, services like YouTube⁤ TV⁣ and ‌Sling⁣ TV provide ⁢live TV streaming options ⁣that include ‌access to Law​ and Order. With so many ‍choices, you’ll never have to ⁢worry about missing out on the latest​ developments⁢ in the Law and ‍Order universe.

Platform Subscription‍ Cost Availability
Hulu $5.99 – $11.99/month United States
Amazon Prime Video $12.99/month Multiple countries
Peacock $4.99 ⁣- $9.99/month United States
YouTube TV $64.99/month United States
Sling TV $35 – $50/month United⁢ States

No matter your preferences, there’s a cable or ​satellite ⁣option ‍that will allow you to dive into the world‌ of Law‌ and Order. From catching new episodes as they ‌air to binge-watching past seasons, ⁢your viewing experience⁤ is entirely in ‌your hands. So grab your popcorn, settle ⁤into your favorite spot on the couch, and get ready to‌ immerse yourself in the drama, suspense, and intrigue⁣ of ​Law and ⁤Order.

Online⁣ Purchase and Rental: How to Buy or Rent Law and Order

When it ‍comes⁣ to watching Law and Order, there are several options for both⁤ purchasing and ​renting the popular TV ⁣show. For those looking ⁣to buy individual episodes or entire seasons, several online‍ platforms offer⁢ this convenient option. Alternatively, those who prefer to rent⁣ can also find various ​streaming ‍services that provide the show on ​a rental basis.

One ‍popular way to ⁤purchase Law and Order is⁣ through online‍ platforms like Amazon‍ Prime Video, Google Play, or ⁤iTunes. These services⁣ allow users to buy single episodes ​or entire seasons,‌ which⁤ can then be ​streamed or downloaded for convenient viewing. Additionally, some ⁣platforms offer the option to purchase a digital ⁤copy of ⁢the show, allowing for offline viewing on compatible devices.

For‌ those who prefer ⁤to rent, streaming⁢ services like ​Hulu, Netflix, and Peacock offer⁤ the⁣ option to⁣ rent individual episodes or ‌entire seasons of Law and Order. ⁢These ‌services typically provide a ⁣rental period during which ​the‌ content can be accessed, offering ​flexibility for viewers who may​ not want⁣ to commit to a purchase. Additionally, some cable and satellite providers ​may also offer⁣ the show​ for rent‌ through their on-demand services.

Services for purchasing Law⁤ and Order:

  • Amazon⁢ Prime Video
  • Google Play
  • iTunes

Streaming services for renting Law and Order:

  • Hulu
  • Netflix
  • Peacock

When deciding whether‌ to ⁢buy or rent Law and⁤ Order, viewers should consider their preferences⁤ for ownership, ‍convenience, and viewing ⁣flexibility. By exploring the various purchasing and rental ⁤options available,⁢ fans of the show can enjoy⁤ the episodes and seasons with ease.

TV⁤ Networks:‌ Channels that ‌Air Law and Order‍ Reruns

If you’re a fan of Law and Order ⁤and enjoy watching reruns of this iconic ​show, you’ll be pleased to know⁤ that there⁤ are several TV networks⁤ that regularly⁣ air ⁢episodes. Whether you prefer the original series,⁤ Law and⁣ Order: Special Victims‌ Unit, or⁣ any⁢ of ⁢its‍ other spinoffs, these ‌channels have‍ got⁣ you ​covered. Below, you’ll find a ⁣list of TV networks where you can catch Law and Order reruns:

  • USA Network: ⁣Known for its “Characters Welcome” tagline, USA ​Network is a ​go-to destination for Law and Order⁤ reruns.
  • TNT: This network also regularly airs episodes of the ‌show, ⁤making it easily accessible for fans.
  • ION Television: ‌ION⁤ Television is another ⁢great option for tuning into Law and ‌Order reruns.

In addition to⁢ these networks, there may be other ⁣local or regional channels that air reruns ‌of Law and Order, so be ⁣sure ‍to check your TV listings for more options.​ Additionally, many​ streaming platforms and on-demand​ services⁢ may also offer the show for binge-watching at⁢ your convenience. With so⁢ many ⁤channels and platforms ⁣airing Law⁤ and Order reruns,​ you can always get⁢ your⁤ fix ‌of this classic crime drama. Whether you’re watching for the first time or reliving your favorite moments, there’s no shortage of options for enjoying Law ⁢and Order.

On-Demand⁣ Services: ⁤Accessing​ Law and Order Episodes Anytime

Law and Order is ‌a popular ‌TV show‍ that ⁢has amassed a​ large fan⁤ base over the years. With the rise of ⁣on-demand streaming services, fans can now‍ access their⁤ favorite Law ⁢and Order episodes​ anytime, anywhere. ⁣Whether you’re a long-time fan looking to rewatch⁣ classic episodes‍ or a newcomer interested in delving into⁤ the world of crime⁤ and justice, there ‍are several options⁢ available for streaming ⁣the show.

One of the most‌ popular platforms for accessing Law and Order episodes is‍ Hulu. With a ⁢subscription⁢ to Hulu, viewers can access a wide range of Law⁤ and Order content, including multiple seasons and⁢ spin-off series. ⁢Additionally,‌ Hulu⁤ offers the convenience of streaming on various⁢ devices, making it​ easy to catch up⁢ on your favorite ​episodes ‍on the go.

Another option⁢ for accessing Law⁢ and Order episodes is through⁣ the NBC app or website. As the original ‍network that ‌aired the show, NBC provides a platform for viewers to stream episodes ‌from various​ seasons. This is a great‍ option for those who⁤ prefer to⁣ watch the show through ⁣its‌ original network, and⁣ it provides the added⁣ benefit of being able to ⁣access other NBC‍ content as well.

For those looking for a ​more‌ comprehensive⁣ streaming⁤ service, ⁤

Amazon Prime Video

offers ⁤a vast library of⁢ Law and Order episodes and seasons.⁢ With a​ membership to‍ Amazon Prime, viewers⁢ can stream⁤ episodes on various devices and take advantage ‍of⁤ additional ⁣benefits such‍ as free ​shipping and access to ‌other Prime Video content.

In conclusion, there‍ are⁤ multiple options available ⁣for accessing Law ⁣and Order episodes anytime, providing viewers ⁢with the‍ flexibility to enjoy the show at their ⁢convenience. Whether you prefer ⁢the convenience of Hulu,‍ the original ‌network ‍access through NBC, or the comprehensive ⁢library on Amazon Prime Video, there’s a solution to fit‌ every⁢ fan’s streaming⁣ needs.

Mobile Apps: Watching Law and Order On ⁤the Go

We live in a fast-paced world where we are ​constantly on​ the‌ go. Whether it’s commuting to work, waiting in line,‌ or traveling, having access to our ⁤favorite shows and movies on our mobile‌ devices‌ has​ become a necessity. For fans of the popular ‍TV show⁢ Law and Order,⁤ the question of where to ⁢watch it on⁣ the ⁣go is ⁣a⁢ common one.⁢ Thankfully, with the rise of mobile‍ apps, watching Law ‌and Order⁤ on the go‍ has never been easier.

Where ⁢to Watch Law and Order ⁣on the Go:

1. ​Streaming Services: Many popular​ streaming services offer Law and ⁣Order as part of their‌ content library. Subscribing to these services and downloading their mobile apps allows you to watch the​ show on the go.

2. Network​ Apps: ⁢ Some television networks have their own mobile apps that⁣ allow ‌you to watch their shows, including Law and Order, on the go. ‌These apps often require a cable subscription​ for access.

3. On-Demand Services: ⁢ On-demand services, such ⁣as Amazon‌ Prime⁢ Video and‌ iTunes, ⁣allow you ‍to ​purchase ‌individual episodes or⁤ entire seasons of Law and ⁤Order, ‌which can then be ‌downloaded and watched ⁢on your ‌mobile device without an internet connection.

4. Live TV Apps: ⁢Certain live TV ⁣streaming​ apps offer access to live broadcasts of​ television shows, including ‍Law⁣ and Order.⁣ These apps provide a way‌ to watch ⁣the show in real time, even‌ when you’re on the go.

In conclusion, the ⁢world of mobile apps has made it easier than ever to watch Law and⁤ Order on the go. Whether you‌ prefer streaming services, network apps, on-demand services, or ⁤live TV apps, there ⁣are plenty of options available to ensure you never⁢ have ⁤to miss an episode, no matter where you are.⁤


Q: Where can I watch ⁤Law and Order?
A: You can watch ⁣Law and Order on‌ various streaming platforms such⁢ as Hulu,⁤ Peacock, and Sling TV. Additionally,‌ you can also catch‍ reruns on cable networks like USA ⁤Network and Bravo.

Q: Is‌ Law and Order ‍available on ⁤any subscription-free platforms?
A: Yes, you can watch Law‍ and Order on Peacock ‍for free ⁤with ⁣ads.

Q: Can I‍ purchase individual episodes or ‌seasons of Law and Order?
A: Yes, ⁢you can purchase individual episodes or complete seasons of Law‍ and Order​ on platforms like Amazon ⁤Prime Video, Google Play, and iTunes.

Q: Are all‌ the different Law‌ and Order series available⁤ to watch?
A: Yes,⁣ you ‌can find all the different Law and Order series, including the original series, Law and Order: SVU, Law and Order:‍ Criminal Intent, and Law and Order: Organized Crime, on ⁤various streaming platforms and cable networks.

Q: ‌Are there‌ any upcoming⁤ specials or ⁢marathons for Law and ​Order?
A: Networks like USA Network and Bravo often host‍ Law⁢ and Order marathons, especially ⁢during special ⁤events or holidays. Keep ‍an eye on their schedules for upcoming specials.

Wrapping‍ Up

In conclusion, ​there are numerous options for watching Law and ⁢Order,⁣ whether it’s the classic episodes or the newer⁣ series. From streaming ‌platforms to⁣ traditional cable⁤ networks, viewers ⁤have plenty⁤ of choices to catch up on their favorite episodes. By considering factors ‌such ⁤as cost,⁣ availability, and convenience, you can easily find the best option that suits⁣ your ​preferences. ⁢With this complete guide, you can​ now enjoy watching Law and⁣ Order with ease and comfort. Happy watching!

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